Pulp Nature Review

28 March, 2015

A lovely review of my recordings.

Apps on the Amazon Android App Store.

22 December, 2013

At long last, the AJ apps are starting to appear on the Amazon Android App Store.

Many people prefer downloading Android Apps from Amazon as they have existing accounts there.

Here is the link to all our apps on Amazon

Working with YouTube at long last

05 October, 2013

Well, after many requests, I have managed to get my "Power Nap" recording uploaded to YouTube.

As more and more people connect to the web with 3G, 4G and wifi, streaming audio/video is going to be a huge part of everyones browsing experience.

Here is the link:  CLICK

Enjoy! (and don't forget to leave a comment)

A possible solution to the Smartphone/MP3 problem?

25 September, 2013

There is a bit of a gremlin in AndrewJohnson world at the moment.

How do you get my MP3s onto a mobile device if you can't sync from a desktop/laptop?

Here are the issues as I see them and a possible solution - I would like your opinions on the matter....

There are lots of recordings that I am being asked for that we simply can't release as apps.
In order to release these recordings, I have to make them MP3 format.
Mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads etc can't download MP3 files directly.. The files need to be downloaded to desktop/laptop, added to iTunes and synched that way.  Android has the same problem I suspect.
The only way to download an MP3 directly to an iPhone etc is to get it through iTunes, BUT.. iTunes controls the prices and, as they regard my MP3s as albums, they charge 3-4x what I do on my site.
More and more people are using mobile devices as their only means of accessing the internet.

So, here is a solution......

What if I gave an option of streaming the files to your device?

What if, when you bought an MP3, you were given an option of creating an account with a user name and password, and when signed in, you would have access to your MP3 files, which, with one click, would play seamlessly on your mobile device.

You would also be able to access your purchases at any point on any device simply by signing in.

No downloading... no loss of files if your phone goes missing...  and a simple interface that is as easy as an app to operate.

I'd love your feedback on this - let me know on:





Meditation for Absolute Beginners

24 May, 2013

There are some stumbling blocks that many people come across when they begin meditation.

I was asked for some advice by Ryan Lock of Mung Beans and Champagne.

Here is the link : CLICK

Wake with Andrew Johnson

06 May, 2013

OK, this is a bit of fun, but if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch and you use them as an alarm in the morning, you can now have yours truly wake you with a count-up from one to ten.

Here are the instructions:

1) Download the file here  (on a computer or laptop PLEASE)

2) Find the file on your computer - It's called WakeWithAndrew.m4r

3) Double click the file and it will be copied to iTunes as a ringtone.

4) Connect your iPhone etc to iTunes and make sure that "sync tones" is ticked

5) Sync your phone

5) On your phone got to Clock > Alarm > Sound and find my file. 

6) Set your alam to the correct time for waking and make sure the volume is set at the right level for you

7) Wake with a smile (hopefully) 

Please feel free to share this page - Thanks :-)

My interview with Alex

27 April, 2013

A few weeks ago, Alex Baisley of The Big Dream Program interviewed me.
The link below will take you to the recording of that interview.


Why some recordings won't be released as apps

09 November, 2012

Late last year (2011), Mike and I sent a standard app to Apple for release in December.  To our surprise, Apple rejected the app saying that it wasn't using iOS to its fullest extent and perhaps we should release them all as MP3s instead.

We were very aware that with 20 apps already available on iTunes, we didn't want to "rock the boat" and we started working on what has now become Relax+.  This much more advanced App allows a choice of background music, volume control and has the ability to play two or three "therapy" sections in one session along with a choice of inductions.  Over the next few months, we plan to add to the choice of therapy sections and also include new versions of our "classic"apps as well.

I have had requests over the years for more guided meditations/relaxations and have always had plans to record titles like "Inner Child", "Meditate" and "Chakra Visualization" however, as these recordings are meant to be played in one continuous session, they are unsuitable for inclusion in Relax+ or being released as an individual app.

Over the last 4 years, I have reduced my MP3 prices from £9.00 ($13.50) to £5.00 ($7.50) down to £2.00 (approx $3.00) to match app pricing

Any of these MP3s can be downloaded to a desktop/laptop and then synched to any MP3 player, smartphone or tablet.

I want to thank you for your continued support and your kind words about all the recordings.

We have big plans for 2013!


This just made my day!

31 October, 2012

From Julie:

Andrew, I have been utilizing your apps for a couple of years now and they're like magic for me! I have Fibromyalgia which causes terrible nights of repeatedly waking with pain. I use your Infinite Relaxation and set it for 60 minutes. Each time I wake up, I hit play on my iPad right next to me and I'm gone again in about 5 minutes. That's changed my life. My 87 year old father had 3 surgeries last year and he's on chemo. I gave him an iPod and put lots of your apps on it and he listens to you to go to sleep every night and every 4 weeks when he has a week of chemo, he has you in his earphones. We have shared you with a lot of the chemo patients. It's now an Andrew Johnson chemo group! My son is in college and he started getting depressed and having terrible trouble getting to sleep at night. I flew to visit him and loaded his laptop with a few of your apps and he is a new kid! He is sleeping every night now and he said that has lifted the depression. We have all found out how important sleep is and you are a God-send for my family and so many others! Your continued success and well-being is a part of my prayers now. Thank you Andrew!!


01 October, 2012


Are you aware of your breathing?

Well, you are now as you read this.  

Just pause for a moment and follow your breath....................

The average adult breathes 21,600 times a day and yet is unaware of it 99.9% of the time

Are you aware how incredible your breath is in helping relaxation and well-being?

Here is a little test for you.

Put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.

Close your eyes and do nothing but follow your breath and the movements of your hands.

Do it now....... for 20 seconds.......

Ahhhhhhh.   How does that feel?

Now.... here is the secret. 

If you do that once a day for three weeks, it will become a habit.

A positive habit.

i.e. You will miss it if you don’t do it.

Go on. 

Slow your mind - follow your breathing - be gentle with yourself - enjoy the stillness - smile   :D