Wake with Andrew Johnson

06 May, 2013

OK, this is a bit of fun, but if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch and you use them as an alarm in the morning, you can now have yours truly wake you with a count-up from one to ten.

Here are the instructions:

1) Download the file here  (on a computer or laptop PLEASE)

2) Find the file on your computer - It's called WakeWithAndrew.m4r

3) Double click the file and it will be copied to iTunes as a ringtone.

4) Connect your iPhone etc to iTunes and make sure that "sync tones" is ticked

5) Sync your phone

5) On your phone got to Clock > Alarm > Sound and find my file. 

6) Set your alam to the correct time for waking and make sure the volume is set at the right level for you

7) Wake with a smile (hopefully) 

Please feel free to share this page - Thanks :-)

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