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This just made my day!

31 October, 2012

From Julie:

Andrew, I have been utilizing your apps for a couple of years now and they're like magic for me! I have Fibromyalgia which causes terrible nights of repeatedly waking with pain. I use your Infinite Relaxation and set it for 60 minutes. Each time I wake up, I hit play on my iPad right next to me and I'm gone again in about 5 minutes. That's changed my life. My 87 year old father had 3 surgeries last year and he's on chemo. I gave him an iPod and put lots of your apps on it and he listens to you to go to sleep every night and every 4 weeks when he has a week of chemo, he has you in his earphones. We have shared you with a lot of the chemo patients. It's now an Andrew Johnson chemo group! My son is in college and he started getting depressed and having terrible trouble getting to sleep at night. I flew to visit him and loaded his laptop with a few of your apps and he is a new kid! He is sleeping every night now and he said that has lifted the depression. We have all found out how important sleep is and you are a God-send for my family and so many others! Your continued success and well-being is a part of my prayers now. Thank you Andrew!!

Feedback from Diana, Australia

24 August, 2012

Dear Mr Johnson,
I noticed you asked for feedback regarding your recordings, and I thought I'd drop you a line.  I have been using a few of your apps for over a year now, and I have found them to be so helpful.  I suffer from anxiety and insomnia.  I've never known anything in my life besides tension and sleeplessness! Your apps have been so helpful. I have almost all of them.  The ones I use the most are "Lose Weight" and "Get Fit".  It's funny, these particular apps were not designed specifically to help with sleep, but when I use them I fall asleep 98% of the time, sometimes so quickly that I don't even get past the Induction!  For me this is miraculous. My insomnia is such that when I get to work in the morning my colleagues don't ask "how are you?" they ask "did you get any sleep?"  Even when I can't nod off, it's so comforting just to listen to you, and for that I'm so grateful.  To top it off I've lost 13kg and have been working out several times a week - again, this is miraculous! And it's having a flow-on effect where my depression/anxiety are easing because I'm getting healthier. For the first time in my life I feel a sense of discipline with my eating and exercise.  I can actually say no to food. I have started jogging! I'm a lifelong couch potato, I never would have imagined I'd be fit enough. Thank you so much for helping me.  Hearing your lovely voice has been a real comfort to me through some truly awful times. You have helped both my mental and my physical health, and I am so thankful!
Diana, 33, Gold Coast, Australia