Success Stories

Lovely Feedback :-)

04 March, 2013

This email came in last year and I thought it would be good to post..




Not a problem at all Andrew.  Feel free to use anything I’ve written, or let me know if you want something specific.


In fact, I have a further up date for you.


My dad had an appointment at the hospital this morning with regard to his prostate cancer.  I’m happy to report that his blood count has gone down considerably since his last appointment 3 months ago.  They now only need to see him in 6 month’s time rather than 3.  The nurse asked him how he was finding the medication and if he was happy with it, he replied, “What medication?  I haven’t had any.  I’ve just been listening to CDs my daughter gave me”.  Apparently, he should have been taking medication (although the hospital neglected to give it to him) and the nurse attributed the drop in his blood count to the medication – she was amazed when he told her that medication had nothing to do with it, but listening to your CDs had!


My dad said that now, with the help of your cds (as I said in my previous email he listens to either the healing or positivity one at least 3 times a day) he’s going to concentrate on getting rid of the cancer completely!


We’re both absolutely thrilled with the way things are going and I can’t thank you enough J


Have a wonderful weekend (I know I will now!)


Best regards